• Clara

Moving away or moving toward?...That is the question!

So I've started reading this great book "The Clarity Method" and it brought out this interesting phenomena when we make goals for ourself. I thought I'd share here about it. When you think about, or imagine where you want to be--are you most motivated by a desire to avoid something--or are you motivated by the inspiration to get to where you want to be if you take the steps to make change??? First- the important thing is that there is NO judgement to whichever tendency you have-BUT it can be super helpful in deciding how to get you brain wrapped around the best strategies to achieve your goals. It can be tricky to figure out by yourself and I'd love to help guide you along the way to get you working/moving in a direction that feels more aligned with HOW you are, and WHO you want to be...E-mail me at and we can make a plan together!

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