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Becoming More...You!

Through Mind, Body, Spirit; Self, Family, Work Life/ Military Life


Clara Freeman, MHS

Group Facilitator and Life Coach


Hearing people's stories has always been soul growing for me. I believe that the challenges we face as women are often complicated by navigating our various personal roles, such as daughter, mother, wife, and military spouse. And that the approaches to figuring out the next best steps forward are best viewed from a holistic understanding, including a sense of “self” through mind, heart, and spirit. Sometimes we need to speak through and to each of our many selves...Together we can navigate this journey!


When I first started putting together some thoughts to bring in my reader--hello reader!, I thought I needed to grab your attention and tell you what you needed. But really, I don't know what you need. YOU know what you need--you just may not be sure exactly what it is yet...

I just know what I have needed in my almost 12 years of being a mom, 15 years of being a wife and 14 years of being a military spouse. In addition to family support, I have needed the support of friends and other mommas. I have needed the support of old friends and new friends. I have needed the support of other military spouses....I have needed encouragement that I could make it through the hard times and validation that the hard times were hard. And I have needed someone to ask me about myself--what my interests are or what I did before being a mom, wife, and a military spouse. And to be quite honest I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been asked...But when I have been asked, I feel a part of me come alive- have you had that feeling? But then often aren't sure what to say back when asked: "what do you do?"??

...I have needed someone to reflect back to me what my fears were and to introduce me to new possibilities that I hadn't even thought about...I have needed someone who sees ME...I may not know your needs, but I can see YOU! ​


Recent Workshops and Groups

The Goal Setting workshop and the Third Culture Kids book/support groups were offered in the fall of 2019. The (Photo)Voice of Spouses was a group project from May 2019. Mothering in the Military was a joint gathering with several other support groups in the area. The resiliency seminar was an interactive presentation I gave at a local church for their woman's day.  (Click on each photo to see full flyer.)


Check out my podcast interview with "Mom Save America"!

With Tina I talk about the many challenges we have "balancing" being a mom while still being who we want to in this world. I also talk about how we can have a voice in our private and public lives. My segment starts at 43.20. I hope something I say is helpful! I'd love to know your thoughts!


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